Creative Ideas For Using Wedding Sparklers

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Smokeless sparklers

Are you a bride-to-be in the midst of planning the wedding of your dreams? If so, then you probably know what it feels like to be just a tad bit overwhelmed with decision making. Can you believe that, according to a survey in Bridal Guide, brides said they spent anywhere from one to nine hours a week planning their wedding? To help ease your stress and perhaps save you a little time, here are a few beautiful reception ideas that include using fun and classy 36 inch sparklers!

Photographs - Long-lasting sparklers are perfect for turning pictures into memories. Because the 36-inch sparklers last an average of four minutes and are smoke-free, you and your photographer can work together to create some amazing photo ops. Maybe you’d want a photo with you and your spouse spelling

A few quick tips for every wedding planner

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Chair covers for weddings

Weddings bring two families together and let them get to know each other. The problem is that weddings can be quite expensive. A survey done in 2013 said that many couples spend an average of $196 per wedding guest. That is a lot of cash for just one person. Imagine how expensive it can be for large families. Here are a few ways that to keep everything fresh, while sticking to a budget.
One of the first things people notice about your wedding are the tables. They allow people to gather during the reception and even give guests a place to gather. Many times, renting linens for a wedding reception can be harder than simply the tablecloth and chair cover rentals. The best part o

Worried Your Hands Aren’t Engagement-Ring Ready? Have No Fear!

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Permanent laser hair removal

If you’re worried your hands aren’t engagement-ring ready, have no fear. Some of us gain confidence through an outward glow, and need treatments to maintain it. Since our hands do a lot of work for us, they wear out the fastest with age. This can manifest as dark spots, wrinkles, prominent veins, and in increased “bony” look. Skin rejuvenation treatments can quell the anxiety such traits might give you. A dermatologist can recommend and provide an array of treatments which you can use and combine for the best treatment for yourself.

Here’s a rundown of a few basic types of treatment.

Injectables come as wrinkle fillers and muscle relaxers. Fillers replace the collagen that has br