Tips for Choosing an Engagement Ring

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Engagement is an extremely exciting time for couples, but choosing the right engagement ring can be tricky. Whether you’re shopping custom jewelers or stores that sell antique wedding rings, there are still some basic criteria that can help you choose a ring.

When buying a diamond, consider the four C’s: cut, clarity, color and carat weight:

  • Cut: Round Cut is the most popular diamond shape, and is also known as the brilliant cut for its 58 total facets, which include 33 on the crown and 25 on the pavilion. Cut determines the circulation of light in your engagement ring and effects how dazzling it will look to others.
  • Clarity: Clarity isn’t visible to the untrained eye, so paying for a clarity upgrade may not always be worth the cost. Diamonds often range from flawless t

Get Crafty With Your Old Tee Shirts

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America is the home of the brave, and the land of the tee shirt. A whopping 95% of Americans wear tee shirts, and of that 95%, 70% of men and 54% of women own more than ten tee shirts.

So naturally, everyone has tons of old tee shirts lying around. Compressed tees that you got at a conference, custom print tees leftover from family reunions, maybe even custom designed tee shirts from the band you were in back in high school. 9 out of 10 people own at least one tee shirt that they refuse to throw away because of sentimental value. So there they sit, in the back of the closet, gathering dust.

But why not put them to good use? Ther

Beginners Guide to Camping

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For those who have never been camping, or have never been camping in the West Coast Canadian wilderness, you may want to consider this helpful list of what to pack for a camping trip. Keep in mind that these items don’t have to be limited to strictly camping. The most popular outdoor activities in 2012 were hiking, camping, biking, and fishing — all of which require some of the same types of gear, especially the outdoor clothing.

The key to packing camping gear is to be as thorough as possible. Make lists, edit lists, and remake lists until you’re certain you’ve included all of the things you will need. Here is a broken down list of gear:

The Essentials include things you will