Why Wear Camo?

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Camo shoes

Camouflage clothing has become prominent in mainstream fashion. Heck! People are even having camouflage weddings! Why this trend? When did camouflage become such a popular pattern, not only for clothing, but camouflage prom dresses, camouflage purses and handbags, and camouflage baby bedding? Are people trying to blend in? After all, the word camouflage is derived from ‘camoufler,’ a French word meaning to blind or disguise. If anything, sporting a new pair of camouflage pants, or driving down main street in the comfort of new camo seat covers, is a fashion statement, to say the least.

Camouflage was originally designed for the military, and its usage has grown and changed

Fire Resistant Clothing for Your Safety

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Fr apparel

Keeping yourself protected from harm is one of the primary modes of existence. In an era where danger may lurk around any corner, taking the necessary safety precautions is an essential aspect of modern living. Whether it is your home, at work, in the car, or participating in your favorite recreational activity, being prepared to prevent yourself from injury is always a rational, responsible thing to do.

For many professionals working today, the work environment can be very dangerous. With heavy machinery, hazardous materials, or high temperature, making sure the work day is danger and injury free is now both smart and legally enforceable. Many jobs now require their employees to dress according to the work environment. One of the most dangerous jobs that require special clothing is firefighting.

Firefighters ar

Find the Best Handbag to Fit Your Wardrobe

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Authentic wholesale designer bags

Are you looking for a functional yet fashionable handbag or purse? You don’t necessarily have to sacrifice quality if you are looking to be more frugal in your shopping choices. And you don’t always have to spend more than you really want to do to get top-tier designs from trusted brands. This is where cheap wholesale fashion handbags come into play.

And with the current state of the industry, it is easier than ever to find the hand and purse designs that really pique your interest. In America, there was about a 1.2% yearly expansion in the industry during the five-year period from 2008 through 2013. Today, there are nearly 28,00 businesses in the