Camouflage Has Transcended Military Uniforms to Be Worn in Everyday Contexts As Well

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The prominent use of camouflage, and in particular army camo clothing, has by now been well documented in the annals of American history. United States forces made use of multiple varieties of camouflage during the Second World War. During the Gulf War, American military personnel wore camo styles with monikers such as “chocolate chip” and “cookie dough.”

Regardless of the particular kind of camo, the purpose is to keep someone or something from being able to differentiate the wearer from his or her surroundings. This kind of visual manipulation and trickery is critical for those who wear

The Top Three Things You Should Know Before Picking Up a Diamond Engagement Ring

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It can be a tough call to decide whether or not to get a diamond engagement ring, let alone which one to get. Here are three things to think about when you’re pondering the question of the ring:

1. Good Diamonds are Hard to Come By

Diamonds are sold at exorbitant prices, but that isn’t just an inflated figure. Diamonds are beautiful gems, for sure, but not all diamonds make the cut to be gem quality. Only about one in five diamonds mined in the world are gem quality, and while almost half of those diamonds make their way to the United States for use in jewelry and things of that nature, it is still a very rare and hot commodity — hence the price.

2. Diamonds are Forever

The cost for the rare gem stone may seem a bit high,

Why Wear Camo?

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Camouflage clothing has become prominent in mainstream fashion. Heck! People are even having camouflage weddings! Why this trend? When did camouflage become such a popular pattern, not only for clothing, but camouflage prom dresses, camouflage purses and handbags, and camouflage baby bedding? Are people trying to blend in? After all, the word camouflage is derived from ‘camoufler,’ a French word meaning to blind or disguise. If anything, sporting a new pair of camouflage pants, or driving down main street in the comfort of new camo seat covers, is a fashion statement, to say the least.

Camouflage was originally designed for the military, and its usage has grown and changed