The Advantages of Photo Editing for Professional Photgraphers

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Ecommerce product photo editing services

Photo editing for professional photographers is no longer an option when it comes to online sales and e-commerce. Product images are vital to the successful sales of any product or service. With the growth of e-commerce, images have become the backbone of all sales ads.

In total, internet-connected people share over 1.8 billion photos each day. In 2012, Instagram had over 500 million images, which is 30 times more than the photo archive owned by the Library of Congress, and the number of images on Instagram has only grown. There are currently over 300million active members on Instagram that share upwards of 70 million photos every day.

Studies have shown that professional photographs are twice as likely to be shared than user-generated photographs, which indicates a couple

What You Should Know About Table Linens for Weddings

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Where to rent table linens for weddings

Planning a wedding is notoriously a stressful endeavor. While some people have imagined their perfect day for years right down to the party favors, others are confused and wondering where to rent table linens for weddings. The planning does become easier once the couple knows what they would like for, and then can agree upon, the ceremony and the following reception.

First Things First.

There are a few key details that need to be decided upon before anything else can effectively happen. The happy couple must decide how many people will be attending first of all; where the ceremony will take place; where the r

How Do I Find Affordable Wedding Flowers?

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Spring bouquets

When Gwen Stefani recently caught the bride’s bouquet at a wedding she was attending with Blake Shelton, the cameras and news stories could not stop talking about the wedding tradition that has been a part of ceremonies for decades. Starting back as early as 14th century England, wedding guests, especially the unmarried variety, have long thought that catching a piece of the bride’s clothing brought good luck. While in 14th century England guests may have been seen grabbing for a piece of wedding gown lace, flowers, or a headpiece, today’s tradition has become a little more staged and well planned. Perhaps combined with the French tradition of the 1300s when brides originally threw flowers, the move to throwing a bouquet became more customary.
Fast forward to today’s ceremonies and DJs have created a music