Looking to Add an Extra ‘Spark’ to Your Special Day? Consider Wedding Sparklers

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36 inch sparklers

If you have a wedding on the horizon, there’s a good chance you’re still looking for that one special touch to take it to another level. In a survey by Bridal Guide, women say they spend between one to nine hours a week planning their wedding, and that includes women who aren’t even engaged!

Take a load off your shoulders and rest easy knowing that you can be the first of your friends to personalize your special day with wedding sparklers. When you buy sparklers for your guests, the photos will be breathtaking, and nobody will ever forget what made your wedding stand out. Long lasting sparklers will keep burning well into the evening, illuminating the night a

3 Obvious Reasons You Need to Switch to E Cigs

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Vapor cigarette

It’s 2015, and everybody who used to only have a home phone now has a cell phone. Everybody who used to carry around gigantic boomboxes now has a tiny MP3 player that slides in their pocket. Despite these positive changes, not everybody who used to smoke cigarettes has joined the 21st century and switched to e cigs, though they really should have by now.

If you’re still not hip to e cigs, they’re electronic cigarettes that use water vapor to deliver a similar but better experience to traditional cigarettes. E cartridges are simply filled with the e liquid of your choice, and off you go,

Hot Hair Trends for Back to School

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How to sew hair extensions in

August is here and school bells are ringing. Whether you’re ruling your school as a high school senior or you’re headed back to college, there’s no time like the beginning of the school year to rock a fresh new look. Did you know that women typically sport 104 different hairstyles during their lifetime? This fact proves that sometimes you just need a little update every once in a while to make you feel fabulous! Check out these hair style ideas to find a back to school look that’s perfect for you.

A Hot New Color

One of the hottest trends on Instagram is dyed hair in all colors of the rainbow. Edgy, adventurous colors like blue, pink and fiery red are all the rage right now so if you’ve been thinking of trying out a new color, now is the perfect time. If extreme