Different Ways Men and Women Use Botox Treatments

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Calgary botox

It’s often been said that men are from Mars and women are from Venus. This analogy has been used for years to highlight the different ways men and women express their emotions. Well, now it might also apply to deep wrinkle treatments such as Botox treatments and Juvederm injections.

To say that the American cosmetic surgery industry is booming is truly a gross understatement. According the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), breast augmentation or enlargement remains the top cosmetic surgical procedure for women, while Botox treatments also remain the top non-surgical cosmetic procedure for women. However, men are also jumping onto the Botox bandwagon. In just under a decade, the number of men seeking

This Season’s Hottest Style Trend is You Guessed it, Camouflage

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Camo cups

While everyone is preoccupied with trying to decide if an ugly dress is actually white and gold or blue and black, why not talk about something hot in the fashion industry right now? Camouflage clothing for men and women — and not pets too — has infiltrated the fashion world, taking it over by storm in many unexpected ways.

While the military and armed forces have always served as a go-to source of inspiration for both up and coming and seasoned style veterans, no one expected army camouflage clothing to have taken off in the manner in which it did. Camouflage clothes did not become apart of the mainstream civilian fashion scene until the 1980′s, when it was adopted by members of the underground punk, alternative, and gr

The Branding Power and Awesomeness of Compressed and Custom Designed Tee Shirts

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Custom t shirt designs

T shirts are a mainstay in American fashion. In fact, they’ve almost become a cultural icon or uniform of sorts, with jeans and a t shirt being as American as apple pie. Did yo know that 95% of Americans wear t-shirts? The remaining 5% are definitely missing out on this hot — and comfortable trend. In addition, 9 out of every 10 Americans own at least one t shirt that they simply refuse to get rid of due to sentimental value.

So whether you’re a small or large business owner, or you’re planning or sponsoring an event, why capitalize off the popularity of t shirts by taking advantage of custom designed tee shirts services? T shirt printing services have the expertise and