Are You Planning a Beach Vacation?

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Oceanfront rentals

The photos are hilarious.
When the team of competitive high school gymnasts traded their leotards in for bikinis and headed to the beach, everyone was looking forward to a warm afternoon in the sun. The fact that the Nebraska natives were able to enjoy the warmth of the Florida weather in the middle of February was an added bonus. The added surprise, however, was that the girls after taking the obligate Tori handstand, leaps, and cartwheeling pictures and videos decided to play a little football. And while many of the girls had a strong enough farm to throw the ball pretty far, few of them were brave enough to catch the ball. The photos of football on the beach are some of the favorites from that long weekend trip.
Beach vacation rentals, including condominiums and even entire houses, can’t be a nic

I Want To Become More Active What Kind Of Shoes Should I Buy?

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Walking boots

Americans have always been fans of the great outdoors. After all, what’s not to love? The United States is home to some of the most incredible mountain ranges, forests and rivers worldwide. For some it breathes life into brilliant works of art, helping to craft memorable poetry and paintings. For others it’s a perfect way to get into shape. Even in the modern age millions of Americans will hike, camp and swim to their heart’s content when the weather is agreeable and they have a little spare time.

How Many Americans Go Camping?

Americans are huge fans of camping and nowhere is that more clear than the spring and summer months. The 2014 American Camper Report saw a whopping 40 million Americans, or nearly 15% of the population over the age of six, heading out to camp back in

How the Right Shoes and Accessories Can Help You Make a Good First Impression

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Designer leather belts

In this world, appearances do matter. Your shoes actually say a lot about who you are, your values, and even your habits. Visual clues are all we have to make an initial assessment, and your shoes and accessories are as important as clothes in making a first impression. Depending on your preferences, your selection of shoes, wallets and classic or exotic belts make a statement without saying a word.

Visual cues are more important than words
Did you know that your clothes, shoes and accessories can actually speak? Sometimes they speak even more clearly than words, telling people all about your style, tastes, and values. In fact, researchers have found that visual cues and signs can be three to five times more powerful than audio cues or words.
Whether or not we want