Cowhide Rugs Their Care And Keeping

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Patchwork area rugs

Flooring isn’t what it used to be. Where once floors were purely practical with little to no creativity necessary, now homeowners recognize that there is more than what meets the eye to this element of decor. Floors aren’t just spaces meant for practicality, but creativity as well. Some prefer hardwood floors; others like chevron rugs. You can really play to your own tastes while choosing flooring. At the same time, you can easily choose flooring that that is not only pleasing to your eye, but pleasing to the eyes of others. Although you may not think that you’re going to sell your home anytime soon, if it is a possibility, you might want to choose a flooring type that appeals to a wide variety of people. If your flooring looks at all outdated or worn out, you should have it updated or replaced as s

Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend — Especially When You Can Sell Them for the Right Price!

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If you ever find yourself in a possession of a diamond ring that you’re thinking about selling, you may wonder where you should go to sell it. (Hopefully the reason you’re in possession of the ring isn’t a sad story!) If the diamond ring is part of an estate, an estate jewelry buyer may be your best bet. However there’s certain to be a diamond jewelry buyer, a pawn shop, or online resources you can use to sell a diamond ring. Hard materials like gold, silver, and diamonds can often be worth a great deal, because they always remain a commodity and in demand. However, you want to be sure that when you go to sell a diamond ring, you’re not being cheated out of the price that’s actually owed to you. Many consumers actually end up get

Whitewashed ‘Gods of Egypt’ is an Epic Failure

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The film Gods of Egypt may have been released back in February, but its atrocious reviews are still a hot topic among cinemaphiles and industry gurus alike.

The film flopped at the box office and was utterly ripped apart by critics after its release in the U.S. It did so poorly, in fact, that its U.K. released was scrapped altogether, until just recently.

Of course, it hasn?t fared any better among British audiences. From despicable dialogue to laughable special effects, this dreadful wreck of a film disappointed viewers who already had incredibly low expectations.

One question that was on everyone?s mind was: Why is the Egyptian god of darkness Scottish? The total whitewashing of the film, which takes place in ancient Egypt (as the title implies), shouldn?t come as a surprise t