Different Types of Car Wheelchair Lifts – Car Talk Podcast

Different Types of Car Wheelchair Lifts – Car Talk Podcast

ar, and uses the counterbalance system that makes it simpler to move. They’re ideal for larger wheelchairsand are employed if you do not have enough space.
Side Entry Bifolding Ramp

Side entry ramps are affixed to the sides of the van. They fold down for storage after not being used. The ramp operates entirely manually, which means there’s no pulleys or latches. It’s lightweight, compact and easy to operate. It’s also an affordable alternative.

Power Entry Side Ramp

The side entry ramp offers all of its features and advantages as the manual side entrance ramp, but with the added benefit of folding and unfolding with the click of an button. It’s more costly, however, it is a wonderful luxury to own.

Side Entry Ramp in Floor

Side entrance ramps that slide beneath the van’s door and do not fold into the door. To remove the ramp you need a lever.

For additional information about the wheelchair ramps available Click here for this link below.


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