Remodeling Your Unused Crawl Space – Rad Center

Remodeling Your Unused Crawl Space – Rad Center

The crawl space can be transformed into storage, cleaning closets or even rooms. People are now using crawl space as a way to make an entire new space in their homes. If you do require frequent visits for mold removal from crawl spaces specialists and other contractors who specialize in this, there is no telling what cool things you can make with the crawl space just behind your walls. The video below will demonstrate how one person transformed his crawl space into an elegant and modern bedroom.

The cubby of concrete was attached to one end of this home, and was essentially just a floor that had walls. The owner used siding leftover that he had gotten from another renovation to cover the walls and installed small carpet pieces. He also used some of the foam that he had lying around to make a light-up optical illusion for the ceiling of the crawl area. The effect is stunning, even though it’s not exactly what they planned to do.


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