DIY Garage Door Repairs That Will Save You Money – Your Oil

DIY Garage Door Repairs That Will Save You Money – Your Oil

Be sure to have the tools listed below before beginning DIY garage door repairs such as vice grips and wrenches, winding bars, and square heads. Also, safety glasses are suggested. You can find the details on this YouTube video “Garage Door Springs How to …,”” which explains how to fix a garage door by yourself.

The first step is to loosen the tension on your garage door using your wrench. Next, loosen the bolt from the spring. Following that, wind the rod to ease the pressure. After the tension has been let go, you can remove the bolt out of the central cone.

Next, remove the key from the side of the spring broken. Following that, release the key on both ends and then slide them out. Replace the old springs by sliding in new springs. Make sure you place the spring in the correct position.

After you’ve finished, put your body back in your central bearings. If the door you’re using is seven feet be sure to wind it to the 30th turn. For doors with 8 feet high You can run the cable up to 34 turns. Then take your cable and put it in the slots line. Examine the door’s stability after you’ve removed the bar that winds. The door should be simple to move. hs31zezmqx.

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