Hispanic Cuisine 101 – Spokane Events

Hispanic Cuisine 101 – Spokane Events

around the globe, and how the flavor that come from Mexico influence the cuisine of the global community. Hispanic cuisine is a favorite option for Americans and it is widely known as being among the top international cuisines. Hispanic food is based on beans, rice, cheese, corn, as well as spicy tastes. This short video will discuss the intriguing history of the cuisine from hispanic cultures and the impact it has had on the culinary landscape.

Salvadorian cuisine is famous for its focus on corn products and has a tendency to be more mild. El Salvador avoids spicy foods However, they make use of many plantsains and eggs in their food. In Cuba, it is common to come across a wide variety of seafood recipes. The chili pepper is not the only one part of Cuban food, however they are known for their love of combining the flavors of vegetables and meat in innovative ways. Finally, Mexico has several regions with distinct tastes. Mexican cuisine is full of flavors and spice. Even though each cuisine is prepared differently, one thing’s for certainty: Hispanic food is unforgettably amazing.


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