Repairing the Brakes of a Car – Your Oil

Repairing the Brakes of a Car – Your Oil

It is necessary to take your car to an auto repair shop in order to get some issues with it fixed. Even with the best maintenanceroutine, there are times when components simply fall apart due to constant movement of parts causing friction. A mechanic is able to identify issues and resolve the issue. In this video, you will learn about the brakes, pads, and rotors of the Nissan Maxima car as an auto mechanic makes repairs to the vehicle.

A mechanic will present to you the details of what he notices when he looks at the auto parts. He’ll also outline what should be taken care of. For instance, he may be aware that one part of the brakes is new because it’s not as rusty as the others. After he has finished explaining the process then he’ll dive into things and demonstrate every stage starting from removing the parts to fixing them, before putting them back in them. The mechanic utilizes a special set of tools to do this and his experience in the business helps him be aware of what is required.


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