Piping Choices For Your Home – Family Reading

Piping Choices For Your Home – Family Reading

when it comes to plumbing in your home. It isn’t easy to identify piping that will fit your budget and the project. Just a bit of investigation can help you locate the right plumbing. This video will outline each type of pipe.

Many plumbers today like PEX pipes. Because it’s so easy to install, PEX piping is an extremely popular option. It is also a cost efficient option because of reduced the cost of labor. The product should last for a long duration as well.

In contrast, CPVC piping won’t last for as long, however it is an excellent, low-cost alternative. There’s CPVC pipes in a variety of homes due to its cost. It’s also ideal for well water as it’s resistant to the many minerals in the water.

Copper pipe is the second choice. It’s a reliable choice that comes in two types. Type L copper piping is more robust and used mainly in basement or underground construction projects. Copper piping of Type M is intended for household plumbing like those is in the walls of your home and underneath your sink.


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