Steps to Installing Shingles – Home Improvement Videos

Steps to Installing Shingles – Home Improvement Videos

The first time we have done a roof. On first sight, it might seem daunting. It’s actually not too difficult. However, the process can get repetitive and boring. The majority of people hire a roofing contractor instead. It is possible to do it yourself. This video will demonstrate the fundamentals of installing shingles.

There are several main aspects to a roof that are well-constructed. Drip edging and felt paper are the most important components for the roof. It is the top surface of your roof. It funnels the water off of the roof to the ground . It does not allow it to run across the siding. It’s important to secure the siding. The drip edge must not be more than a quarter of an inch higher than the roof’s overhang. It is important to note that your roof must not be covered with shingles or felted papers hanging from it. That means you’ll require cutting these items into the correct size at the edges. The best way to accomplish this is by measuring the width from the shingle’s final location and then marking it at the base of the shingle you want to set. You can simply cut along this line.


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