You May Be Surprised How Glass is Made – Work Flow Management

You May Be Surprised How Glass is Made – Work Flow Management

and the screens of our electronics. It is likely that you are using the glass windows of your home right now. If you look to your left, you could be viewing a glass-enclosed window. Today, glass is commonplace. However, it was not always this way. It wasn’t long ago when glass-making from the ancient Egyptians were first discovered. Nowadays, we make use of glass in every aspect of our lives, from windows to doors. However, do we truly understand glass? This video will help you’ll learn the basics of glass.

The basic concepts of glass production aren’t too difficult. Sand is collected and then heated to extremely high temperatures in a furnace. Molten glass results of this process. This is an essential product since molten glass is able to be poured into molds. The glass can be malleable it is also able to bend into specific designs. Although this is a simple process however, it may take several hours to finish. Glassmaking requires quite a bit of work. It is possible to be amazed by the incredible material that is glass better when you’ve got a better understanding of how it functions.


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