Severe Lower Back Pain Causes and Remedies – Greg’s Health Journal

Severe Lower Back Pain Causes and Remedies – Greg’s Health Journal

Although people get more sleep each night and the situation is not getting better, it’s still a problem. This is likely due to a variety of factors that affect your ability to achieve a good night’s sleep. Work load can be one of the factors. If you have been working long hours, then it is no wonder that you’re exhausted at night when you’re not at work.

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Insufficient Warm-Up and Cool-Down Exercises Before and After Physical Exercise

Any activity that puts too much stress on the spine could cause serious lower back pain. Lower back pain may also be caused by a lack of warming up and cooling down, weak abdominal muscles, incorrect stretch of the hamstring, straining too far on the back in exercise, and being too sedentary during work hours.

Refreshing and warming up both affect heart rate as well as flexibility and circulation. Proper warm-ups and cool-downs will also help prevent injuries by improving circulation to muscles.

Bad Posture

Physical therapists that specialise in managing chronic pain the pain of a back that is severe can lead to disability around all over the globe. Poor posture is partly to blame. Many factors can affect your posture, including how you sit or stand during the day.

It’s as if the spine function has been a curved arch in your body’s natural posture. While it might appear comfortable in the short term the position can cause injuries and discomfort over the course of time.

Sciatica is a term used to describe leg pain , which can cause shooting sensations down your legs. Sciatica usually starts in the lower back area, but can spread to the lower extremities.


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