Tips for Annual RV and Trailer Repairs and Maintenance – Your Oil

Tips for Annual RV and Trailer Repairs and Maintenance – Your Oil

In order to keep your occupants safe and dry, you should conduct regular maintenance. Mark the “Walnut Ridge” service adviser, will explain the 3 basic trailer maintenance tasks required annually to reach this objective.

First, the wheel bearings are removed after taking the tires off the camper. This helps to prevent problems with your camper’s tires. When the tires are removed, and the inspection is completed, the previous grease is removed followed by a replacement with superior-quality grease for the bearings. Following that, the tires will be remounted on the camper.

After that, the roof of the camper is examined for leaks. If there is a leak it is sealed with a fox sealant. used to seal the voids. The side of the camper is being examined. The procedure of installing sealant in a void will keep the inside of the camper dry from moisture and rain.

The second step is the same as prior steps. However, the slide-outs must be checked for tears and other issues. At least every three months, slide-outs are subject to an examination of their condition because in use camping they are vulnerable to sun damage on the rubber components.

Three simple steps are important trailer repairs for camper owners, so that they can remain secure at this camper’s home away from home. fszr1bovj7.

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