All Types of Lawyers And Their Salaries A Guide for Prospective Law Students – Killer Testimonials

All Types of Lawyers And Their Salaries A Guide for Prospective Law Students – Killer Testimonials

Lawyers who practice ractice typically work for law firms, together with hospitals, or may be in private practice.

Medical malpractice lawyers make an average of $113,3. In taking all sorts of attorneys and their fees to account, medical negligence attorneys aren’t high in their income rankings yet they have an important work. The medical malpractice case is usually quite complex. They are able to assist those seeking justice for injuries or the loss of a loved one.

Intellectual Property Law

Customers who suffer injury due to the infringing on intellectual property rights can represent themselves through an attorney for intellectual property. They could represent the injured person or the relatives of the deceased in legal proceedings. Intellectual property lawyers are very distinct from other kinds of lawyers as they work protecting intangible products like concepts.

The average salary for lawyers who specialize in intellectual property is $174,000. The average salary for an intellectual property lawyer is $174,000. This is inclusive of all types of lawyers , as well as their compensation. Lawyers who specialize in intellectual property constitute the bulk of lawyers earning the highest salaries. This is because IP law can be an extremely specific field which is why there are few lawyers who practice it.

Disability Law

The disability lawyer represent people who have been injured or have been unable to work due to disabilities. The work of disability lawyers is to help those who are most in need.

The median salary of a disability lawyer is around $81,500. Disability lawyers constitute the lowest income bracket, taking into consideration all kinds of lawyers along with their salaries. It is due to the fact that most disabilities cases are dealt with through Social Security, and there aren’t many lawyers that are able to handle cases of high quality in the field of disability.

Property Insurance Law

If the insurance company for your home declines to pay a claim, or fail to cover the entire amount owed by you, the property insurance could be taken out.


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