How Much Does It Cost to Seal an Asphalt Driveway?

How Much Does It Cost to Seal an Asphalt Driveway?

ss of sealing an asphalt driveway is straightforward. Start by cleaning your driveway. Make sure you carefully edge while you do this. There is a need to take out any growth that is extending between cracks. Additionally, you’ll have to clean any oil staining on the asphalt by using a broom or a brush and an oil spot-removing chemical.

To make sure that the seal is smoother for your cracks, make sure you do repair or filling.

After that then apply a sealer to smooth it off. The sealer will protect your asphalt from further damage as well as extends the life of your asphalt.

It is possible that you will require some technical knowledge and equipment in order to complete the task. This is not readily easily accessible. It is crucial to choose to hire or speak with an asphalt contractor.

Despite the durability nature of asphalt, driveways made of asphalt are subject to a variety of wear and tear which could affect the strength of the road surface over time. The wear could be caused by heavy vehicle traffic, snow plowing or the sanding of roads under severe weather conditions, such as snowstorms, rain or even ice. It is important to keep your asphalt driveways well-maintained throughout the year through sealing them with premium items, or contacting an asphalt maintenance firm.

What is the cost to seal an asphalt driveway?

The cost of sealcoating an asphalt driveway costs $0.15-0.35 per square foot, that’s 10 times less than replacing your whole driveway. Sealcoating can take just one day, and done with the help of a skilled asphalt contractor with the right tools and experience to do the task properly.

This price, however, varies, so be aware of the various paver contractors and companies, and get quotations from at least one prior to deciding. A local paver could be just the right price.


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